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I didn't even KNOW...

Mar. 16th, 2012 | 11:53 pm

Today I went to my old flat to pick up some shoes I want to sell. I remembered a pair of pink Bodyline Pumps and thought about letting my turquoise-blue-ish BtssB Pumps go. They DO fit me, what's seldom enough. But I don't think I'd ever wear them out to something else than taking pictures.
But the latter I forgot, haha. Instead I found a pair of Bodyline Pumps I didn't even know I had. xD I took those with me instead.

So just in case anyone here is interested in the following, I'm going to make a sales post this week-end.

picsCollapse )

And I got those blue BtssB shoes I mentioned which are pretty old. I wasn't even able to find any information on these.I only know those round toed shoes must be rather old designs from them. And mine are even new. ;_; I wish I'd wear anything that matches more often, or at least had time to take any decent pictures with Outfits.
If somebody could help me out with information, I'd be very glad!

Mystery solved thanks to ladymakochan! xD

Those are the ones: Big ribbon sandals.

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Boz OP

Feb. 6th, 2011 | 12:48 am

Folks, someone who has the right measurements really needs to buy that dress:

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It's auction time again!

Feb. 2nd, 2011 | 08:33 pm
mood: busy busy
music: Simon Bookish - Carbon (I love that song!)

I found a few interesting auctions that I wanted to share, since I can't bid on everything but I don't want my time to be wasted XDD

For my friends:

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And tons of BtssB and AatP shoes you should have a look at:
I also found the Marie Antoinette OP in two colours for 5000 Yen but accidentally closed the tab :/ But it's thereif you search for it!

And thanks to everyone who wished me luck for my oral exam! :)

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Jan. 31st, 2011 | 09:26 pm
mood: busy busy
music: Khaled

I am quite nervous right now because of my oral exam tomorrow. I think I have a great chance to get a really good mark this time but I wasn't able to concentrate at all the whole day. And I feel like I am not as well prepared as I'd like to be. :/ In fact I haven't learned much , I just hope I still know the most relevant things from the presentattion.

But what do I do to calm down?
I go on youtube and watch Aicha, since I think this vid is super hypnotizing.
I love that song and what I love even more is the video. Khaled has the most gorgeous smile ever, really!
And there is something about him... all that jewellery he is wearing and the confidence he shows.. he resembles my uncle a little bit but way more mischievous and with way more jewellery xD He's eccentric, a "spezieller Typ" we would say in German. And that makes me smile every time. :)

And if you like his kind of music at least a little bit you shopuld totally listen to Didi too! I wish I knew of any Persian musicians who make music that sounds as good as that. I would listen to it!
(Or if German Volksmusik was like that and not like Florian Silbereisen or Wildecker Herzbuben...although I think the Herzbuben are funny guys at least)
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Jan. 29th, 2011 | 07:12 pm
mood: busy busy
music: Arash

I am currently preparing a few sales/ebay auctions and therefore made pictures for a few things. Among them a really cool pair of boots that doesn't fit me right anymore. But while I wore them I realised again how cool they look worn xD
And now I wonder if it would be worth the hassle and money to have them altered by my favourite cobbler, or if I should just sell them.
I guess I wouldn't get that much of my money back, since there are only cheapskates on ebay and the boots are still new with price tags.

What do you think? I need a few opinions my friends! xD
picsCollapse )

On the second picture you can get an idea of how silly they look from the front. I tried my best to cover that for the pics, since I wanted to use them to promote the boots at ebay.

And on a second note, I finally was able to solve most of the bureaucracy problems at my university and am now able to take my first exam in my Master studies on Tuesday. Yay!

And last week I sent a pair of earrings to a girl who's name reminded me of a certain song. And of course I can't spare you, since I'm the master of terrible songs and catchy tunes. :3
So for now I am proud to present Arash feat. Shaggy XDDD  Next time it could be even worse, haha.

(And for those of you who wonder..yes, that's Farsi. And Donya or Dunya is persian for world and is a common name.)

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Swan Lake

Jan. 14th, 2011 | 06:07 pm

I wanted to see Swan Lake tonight with two of my friends, but I just cancelled. The medication I got for my stomach seems to cause me bad headaches every day. And today I feel a bit sick too. And I don't think I could really enjoy Swan lake that way, when I just feel dizzy, drained and like my head was pierced with swords. And therefore the tickets are too pricey and the way is far too long.
I won't take that stuff again tomorrow, but right now I feel so angry that I will miss Swan Lake! I was really excited before and I have no idea when I will have a chance to see Swan lake again. :(  Especially with friends who like to go either. As suddenly as that chance popped up, it has to go away.

And when I tried to cheer myself up a bit with looking at that smashing sale at Innocent World, I realised that every dress I wanted to buy is already sold out in the colour I wanted! Each one out of 3. Oh damn!
Wasn't the right way to cheer me up obviously. xD
Tomorrow has to be better.
Luckily my boyfriend agreed to come home earlier today and bring me some fruits, so at least I will have something to eat and someone to keep me company. :3 That cheers me up.

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Happy New Year!

Dec. 31st, 2010 | 04:16 pm
location: at home
music: Patrick Wolf - Augustine

I am not sure how many of you already started the Party and how many are like me, still sitting in front of their PC, thinking about what to wear, haha.
But I want to wish every single one of you the very best for the New Year 2011!
I will spend the night with my lovely Girlfriends this year. What about you?

I feel very much like sharing my latest music obsessions with everyone lately, so I will promise that I will bother you with a lot of Videos etc. the upcoming days. I wanted to post pictures I took within the latest months for a while, but somehow there's always so much to do, I always end up postponing that.

Now I will stop writing, because otherwise I'll write a novel instead of a few sentences. As always ;)
Please take care and have a good time, spend it as you want and we'll meet again next year. ;P

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European and Asian

Nov. 18th, 2010 | 12:29 pm
mood: blah blah

I stayed up til 6 AM today to finish my Archaeology Presentation/Handout about burial grounds and monuments in Cyrenaica.
I still have to add the finishing touches to my Handout and proof-read my text. But I slept too long for my first lecture xD

Therefore I present you a few pictures about the differences between European and Asian that I got from my father a while ago. I selected a few that I think are especially interesting.Please tell me what you think about them. What's your experience? Wrong or true?
Pics under cutCollapse )

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Heyho, general update!

Nov. 15th, 2010 | 02:42 pm
mood: energetic energetic
music: radio

My Bachelor-Thesis belongs to the past now, I am already working on my first presentation for my Master studies!
It's about burial grounds in Cyrenaica, because I'll go on a field trip to Libya next year! I am soo excited about this.

I started surfing the interwebs again this weekend and I am astonished what I missed and how time consuming this is. I am trying to catch up with everything in my life that had to wait until I finished my Thesis.

I cut my hair (not much) and had it dyed again. It's copper brown now and I still have to get used to it. I liked it red and it's unfamiliar dark again.
I am highly motivated to be more active now, after all that sitting in front of a screen day after day.
And I made up some more resolutions, like more going out, more being creative, more clearing out my wardrobe/flat/life, less ignoring my needs (like forgetting to eat, discard my leisure time etc. ).
I want a nice new start with my Master studies and therefore need to take better care of myelf. :)  Will need a few reminders every now and then though xD
But I hope that I am on the right track now. :)

And I would love to participate in any shoots again! As an excuse to dress up, be creative and just try a few things. :)
I want something a bit more unusual. Not the ordinary "I dress up and look cute but elegant"-thing.
Anyone up for something more..."edgy"? Or at least any less common styles?
Doesn't have to be a big thing. :3
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Countdown to Bachelor

Oct. 27th, 2010 | 04:16 pm
location: at home

I am typing the last few sentences for my Bachelor thesis right now, I will finish today!
I still have to put a bit of work into the introduction and the conclusion part, but then I finished the mot exhausting part of my work.
My thesis is ready for revison then and I only have to do the indices and front page.
I don't know if anyone here has seen a Bachelor Thesis in Art History yet, but the indices are plenty of work. But at least it's work that recquires minimal ability in terms of creating original content.

Oh, and I will make my own graphic of the original image I write about *lol* I am curious myself how that woks out.
But in a few days the finished Thesis will be printed and out of my thoughts completely. I am sooooo looking forward to that. Then I can start looking into Mails, Threads etc. again and be scared about the huge amount of work that piled while I was absent.
I hope every one of you is doing fine and I didn't miss something really important :/

I'll be back soon but I really wanted to leave you something that cheered me up each day for the last week, while I was working as hard as I could! 
Max Raabe !


Take care!

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